Therapy and Mental Health Counseling in Arlington VA.
Healing Begins with Being Heard
Healing Begins with Being Heard
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Therapy & Testing for all ages in Arlington, VA

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Therapy Services. Therapy Services.

Therapy Services

Working together to make it better
Our therapy services provide a nurturing and compassionate environment where you will gain insight into yourself, effectively navigate the hurdles of life, strengthen your relationship, and achieve your personal aspirations.
Psychological Testing. Psychological Testing.

Psychological Testing

Meaningful insights that make a difference
We work with children, teens, and adults to provide evaluations and recommendations, implement coping strategies, and help build skills for managing symptoms and emotional regulation for individuals and families.
Supervision and Consultation. Supervision and Consultation.

Supervision and Consultation

Providing the essential support you need
We provide regular supervision and consultation services in order to help interns, trainee therapists, and licensed mental health professionals to enhance their clinical skills and to deliver the best optimal care to their clients.
Our team at Iris Therapy Services. Our team at Iris Therapy Services.

We Are Here for You

Our team is committed to supporting you, ready to provide the care you deserve. With our remarkably diverse group of therapists, we strive to ensure that everyone's unique needs can be met. Whether you're in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia, our integrative approach to therapy is designed to address all aspects of your well-being. Within our safe and nurturing environment, you'll discover a space where you can openly share your story, seek guidance on your individual challenges, and collaboratively develop strategies to embrace life's full potential.
Our Therapy Office. Our Therapy Office.

Comfort for Everyone

Our offices are mindfully designed to provide a safe space to tell your story, to ask for insight into unique issues, and to develop strategies to live life to the fullest. With 16 distinct rooms, we are well-equipped to serve our valued clients. We believe that a carefully crafted office environment can serve as a powerful tool in therapy, providing a sense of tranquility, warmth, and comfort. We have created an inviting ambiance that will facilitate your therapy journey, allowing you to fully concentrate on your goals.
Contact Our Office. Contact Our Office.

Inspiring a Better Tomorrow

Imagine if all the energy that you currently use to try to cope with your problems could instead be directed toward pursuing your dreams. Talking with a qualified therapist who understands what you are going through can help you achieve a greater understanding of yourself. Let us support and empower you to build strategies and coping skills to reduce distress, embrace your natural strength, and build resilience for a better tomorrow.