ADHD / Psychological Testing

ADHD/Psychological Testing:


Does school seem like more of a struggle than it should be?


ADHD can affect many aspects of life, and when left undiagnosed can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. Though the symptoms of ADHD and other learning disorders may vary, if your child struggles to focus or to finish tasks, or experiences frustration when trying to complete assignments, he or she may be showing signs of ADHD. These symptoms can have a big impact on your child’s overall emotional health and well-being.


Evaluations help us understand how to best help your child succeed. Evaluations can help us gain a deeper understanding of the challenges your child is facing. Once an evaluation is completed, families will be provided with a comprehensive report that summarizes the findings, provides conclusions and a diagnosis, assists with Individualized Education Program (IEP) considerations, and provides treatment recommendations. Together we will have a feedback session to further discuss the findings.


Knowing the challenges your child is facing can help us identify strategies to overcome those barriers, reduce frustration, and find success.