Group Therapy

Group meeting.

Group therapy is a powerful way to better understand oneself in the context of our relationships. Often, the patterns that you notice occurring in your romantic, family, and work relationships will also occur in the group. Group Therapy for those who are in need of connection and understanding in an environment that will promote personal growth.

What is Group Therapy?

Have you ever wondered if someone else has similar experiences as you? Do you ever feel disconnected because of the challenges you face? Do you want a sense of belonging and understanding?

Iris Therapy offers group therapy to help individuals share their experiences in a safe and welcoming space. Throughout group therapy you will be able to find a support system, learn from other’s experiences and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

In a group you are encouraged to share your story as well as listen to others do the same. Judgment-free feedback is both given and received to help individuals make positive changes in their own lives and relationships. Group members communicate openly with one another every session in an effort to connect and grow. 

Can you be in Group Therapy and Individual Therapy at the Same Time?

Yes. While individual therapy is a great option some people need different or additional support that comes from group therapy. With communication and connection being a huge part of group therapy, many individuals find that it gives them a safe space that allows them to open up more around others who are experiencing similar challenges. At Iris Therapy we believe counseling is unique to each person. If you and your therapist agree that integrating group therapy into your mental health journey will help you meet your goals, we would love to offer that service for you.

How Effective is Group Therapy?

Group therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment for a wide range of issues, including depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship dysfunction, adjustment and developmental concerns, difficulties with emotions and severe or chronic mental health concerns. One of the main advantages of group therapy is that it provides members with a safe and accepting space with a built-in support system. Therapists often use group therapy to help people who have difficulty developing close relationships or communicating effectively with others. It can be as effective as individual therapy. 

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