Self Care Comes First

Individual Therapy might be right for you

Develop Awareness

Find insight into patterns that have been created in your life, and empower yourself to make proactive choices as you move into the future.

Break Free

Escape hopelessness and find your inner confidence and resilience.

Learn Mindfulness

Learn how to use mindfulness to make positive changes in your life.

Overcome Stress

Discover that stress doesn’t have to control your life, and learn strategies for achieving calm and peace of mind.

Break Patterns

Learn how to break self-destructive patterns and move forward to the life you want to be living.

Are you struggling to make it through each day...but things never seem to get easier?

At Iris Therapy Services, we believe that every person can develop insight, strength, and resilience to heal and move forward in life. We use an integrated, psychodynamic, and family systems approach to provide you with individualized care. We see therapy as a collaborative process and believe that, no matter what issues you are struggling with, receiving therapy in a warm and supportive environment can open the door to a better life.

The fit between therapist and patient is crucial in determining whether treatment will be successful. We strive to create a safe, yet challenging, direct and transformative therapeutic space where we are attuned to your struggles as well as strengths.

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