Individual Therapy

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It can be hard to ask for help when you’re used to coping on your own. But there is no reason to struggle alone. Don’t let your problems cause you to lose sleep, miss time from work, lose a job, or do damage to your relationships. Individual Therapy for those who need a supportive environment to understand yourself, navigate through life’s unique challenges and accomplish personal goals.

Is Therapy Right for Me?

Are you experiencing challenges that seem too hard to face on your own? Do you need help through a difficult time in your life? Do you need someone who will listen to your story and help you understand yourself?

At Iris Therapy, it is our goal to provide a safe space for anyone that comes through our doors. From the moment you make contact with us you can expect respect and trust from our therapists and supporting staff. We provide supportive spaces for adults, adolescents and children to get the help that you need and deserve.

Why Choose Therapy

Why choose to begin therapy with one of our experienced therapists? Therapy has been found to be an effective way for people to work through a variety of challenges, including:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Mood disorders
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Addiction
  • Communication 
  • Parenting/Co-Parenting
  • Behavioral Issues 
  • Self-esteem
  • Sex and intimacy
  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Emotional Regulation 

Benefits of Therapy

Through individual counseling that is catered to your exact needs you can:

  • Better understand yourself
  • Develop skills and learn coping mechanisms
  • Manage anger, grief, depression or anxiety
  • Change behaviors and patterns
  • Feel validated 
  • Improve self-esteem and performance
  • Figure out how to build healthier relationships
  • Improve communication skills 
  • Reduce stress

With these benefits, as well as many others, we can help you live your best life. With our mindfully picked therapists we will work together to find solutions and determine the next steps of your mental health journey. You do not have to take care of everything by yourself. We are here for you and we want to help.

How do I choose the right therapist for me?

When it comes to therapy, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. At Iris Therapy, we give you the chance to have consultations with multiple therapists. The most important thing is to connect with a therapist that you feel comfortable with and can be challenged by. With 15 different therapists and more to come we offer mental health professionals that have experience to help you with your specific needs. Once you’ve chosen a therapist, they will collaborate with you to figure out your goals and strive to achieve them. Contact us to find the right therapist for you and get started on creating and accomplishing your goals for a better tomorrow. 

We Look Forward to Seeing You!

Our office is easily accessible via metro and bus.