Supervision / Consultation

A counseling session.

Regular supervision, consultation, and ongoing study enable therapists to maintain a level of commitment and enthusiasm for their work. Dr. Dee enjoys helping clinicians integrate their education with experience as they strengthen their clinical skills. Supervision/Consultation for interns, trainee therapists and therapists seeking to expand their experience and knowledge of counseling techniques for real-world therapy dilemmas.

Our Supervision Services

Iris Therapy offers clinical supervision and consultations to provide support to interns, trainee therapists and licensed mental health professionals. Trainee therapists completing therapy hours under clinical supervision will be given the opportunity to gain insight, discuss cases, and review different treatment strategies with our licensed professionals. 

Therapists have a duty to provide their clients with the best possible mental health care that they can offer. Under supervision you will get the chance to learn by doing without putting your client at risk. Your supervisor will be able to impart useful insights from their practice in the field that you would not have otherwise. While seeking a therapist to be your mentor you want to choose someone that will be proactive in their role. At Iris Therapy, we have a variety of therapists that each have specialities.

Benefits of Consultations

Consultations are an important part of therapy as every client will be completely unique and not every problem will have the same answer. Keeping up with the latest developments in the mental health field is extremely important considering the growing challenges of today’s world. Through consultations, therapists can learn from one another and adapt their styles to the more complex needs of their clients. If you are interested in clinical supervision or consultations, please reach out to us to get more information. 

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