Did you make a New Year’s resolution to improve your mental health? Are you still facing the same stress, fatigue, and isolation, despite the promise of a fresh start?

As January comes to a close, and we continue our path forward into 2018, we are often reminded of the hurdles that habitually get in the way of our own progress. A first step towards accomplishing personal goals is to take the time to focus on yourself. It’s not an easy habit to get into, and taking the time out to talk to someone about your own needs can help you set boundaries and goals around all your personal pursuits.

There is still time to initiate activities that foster your own growth.

Seeking support from others has a direct correlation to reducing stress and symptoms of depression.

Talking to a psychologist can provide relief from the emotional build-up experienced when you keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. Sometimes all you need is to have someone listen to your own narrative. There is great value in sharing your story. What comes of this experience is a safe place to explore new perspectives, learn about yourself, and make yourself a priority.

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