The journey back from isolation is absolutely possible. Whether you are missing a friend, have lost a loved one, or are feeling generally disconnected, there are habits you can create to help you feel less lonely.

Begin by showing up. Often when you’re feeling lonely, your instinct is to disengage. It may feel uncomfortable, but try to spend a few more minutes a day making a phone call to a friend, talking with a co-worker, or sign up for a class you’ve been thinking about. You can also connect with others by volunteering. Doing things to help others feel better improves the chances you’ll feel better about yourself as well. Break the habit of being separate from others.

Of course loneliness isn’t always about being alone. Sometimes it’s worth looking inward, and determining whether your loneliness or sadness has developed into walls. Have you become more critical? More judgmental? Be open to others. Be open to new experiences and ideas.

Nurture yourself. Focus on activities that make you happy. Whether it’s reading, crafting, or just going for a walk. Doing things that make you feel good about yourself can help you feel confident and enabled to journey back.